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Desiree Purvis

Hello out there! My name is Desiree Purvis - I'm a mom to two very special Monsters.

Desiree Purvis is a stay at home mom to two special needs boys.  She loves to read, write, play, and be silly.  Desiree Purvis is always looking for new ways to challenge herself and her kids.  Everything from messy crafts to zombie 5ks are good by her.  Desiree Purvis is co-chair for her local autism walk, secretary for the PTA, and all around 100% mommy.

Desiree Purvis's Background

Desiree Purvis's Interests & Activities

Autism, adventure, music, art, writing, reading, crafts, running (well, kind of), kids, zombies, slim jims and ice cream cake!

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